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Kayseri Castle and Walls

Kayseri Castle and Walls, which were built in the Roman Period in the 3rd century and narrowed in the Byzantine Period in the 6th century; It was rebuilt in its current form during the reign of Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat I. It was repaired twice during the reign of Karamanoğulları and Osmanoğulları. The castle, which protects the city center of Kayseri, located on the transportation passages in Central Anatolia, is a medieval castle with its old existence and additions made over time. The Historical Kayseri City and Castle is built on a flat area and consists of two parts: the Outer Castle and the Inner Castle. The Inner Castle has become a separate castle due to the fact that it is higher than the Outer Castle and the city walls added around it.

Kayseri Castle and Walls Kayseri Castle and Walls
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